My Daily Routine

by Matt B

As I get up to go to work every morning, I have a very tedious routine. I come downstairs and start a pot of coffee. I then turn on the TV, usually putting on Becker or if that is not on, I’ll watch Fox Business channel. I especially enjoy watching Jenna Lee early in the morning. Nice to wake up to. After coffee and a few minutes on the couch, it’s shower time!! After the shower, I watch a few more minutes of Fox Business and prepare my wardrobe for the day. Unfortunately, I’m a shirt and tie guy so a lot of the time I have to either iron or throw clothes in the dryer to get the wrinkles out. (Don’t judge, you do it too!!)

My point here is that for the last 5 months, I’ve felt that every day is almost exactly the same in my little world. Granted, my job is an awful, mind numbing, repetitive stress manufacturer. But as precise and scheduled as my routine is every morning, I don’t want the world to work the same way. I am waiting for the day when we don’t have daily, hourly, or minute-ly reports and stories emerging about the financial crisis.

Recession, Bailout, Banks, Consumer Confidence. If just one of these words was not uttered 50+ times every morning, It would FINALLY not be mid-October anymore!!!

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