by Matt B

Since this is the first, this section will contain my favorite articles from my favorite PF sites over the past week (or so).

-J.D. at Get Rich Slowly wrote The Young Money Stock Market Game.
Highlighting a contest sponsored by Sharebuilder and Young Money magazine in which participants are given 1 million dollars to invest with over a two month period. The post itself contains little by way of editorial, but the gems come from the readers. Give this one a quick scan and then read the comments. There are some very intelligent readers at that site.

-Pinyo at Moolanomy wrote FreeCreditReport.com is NOT Free.
To be honest, I was going to write this very article. No, not word for word, but the same theme. It always amazes me how much people don’t read the fine print when purchasing services like this one. Pinyo expresses his displeasure about the heavy advertising company and how, despite the title, your credit report is not free if received through their website. Thanks Pinyo, if I did not love your site so much, I might actually feel burned that you got to this one first.

-Trent at The Simple Dollar wrote The Frugal Magic of the “Five Ingredient Crock Pot Meal”.
Although frugality is not my strongest attribute, I really like this post because all of these meals are cheap, easy and look sooooooo good. I think I’m hungry. Anyway, if you have a Crock Pot (who doesn’t) and a few simple ingredients, a tasty and inexpensive meal can be hitting your mouth in no time.

-Thursday at Lifehack wrote Geezeo: Money Management Software With A Perk.
I have never used Geezeo, but judging by this article, I will probably check it out. Sounds like another good online money management tool. Sites like this are great for budgeting and tracking your spending.

-Miranda at Yielding Wealth wrote Can You REALLY Live a Cash Only Lifestyle?
Great article about living without credit and whether that is even possible in today’s day and age. The piece also goes into building credit without using a credit card.

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