by Matt B

When I am looking for news of any sort, I have many bookmarks to choose from depending on what type of news I crave. I’m the type of person who likes to be able to intelligently participate in any conversation that may pop up. I (unlike my little brother) don’t always have to be right, but I like to have a good grasp of the content and back story of the conversation piece, whatever it may be. A “jack of all trades” mentality, if you will.

During my daily browsing, I’ll hit up digg multiple times, yahoo news, geekologie, tip’d, mental floss magazine, the superficial (for worthless celeb news), and many others. I follow countless links from these sites that take me who knows where to learn even more. Formal knowledge, or “classroom knowledge” has never been good to me. I didn’t get great grades when I was in school. It was after I prematurely left college that I truly started to understand how much knowledge really is worth. Now I take all I can get. About anything at all that I can put my mind around.

Obviously, I have a preoccupation towards learning and teaching about personal finance. What most people don’t realize is that without knowledge of economics and business, nothing about your personal finance status will change. It wasn’t until I took a deep personal interest in business, economics and money that I truly started to improve my own situation. Most importantly, I did this without making any more money. Truth is, you do not need a raise to make more money. You just need to be smarter and more conscience about where your money goes. That is all I did, and in only a few short months, I was on the path to prosperity. I now feel so much more confident and KNOW (not hope) that I am taking care of the future for myself and my family. I also know that all I have to do to retain this confidence is maintain and improve on the techniques that I have been using.

Knowledge is priceless. Just make sure that you don’t believe everything you read, see or hear. Take what you learn and apply it to your everyday life. Some methods work great for some, and not at all for others. When you find things that work, stick to them. When things don’t work, remember them and learn from them. Some of the best lessons are born from failure and could be extremely valuable!!

The mind is a very powerful muscle. It needs to be utilized in order for you to succeed in love, money, and happiness. The mind can also work hard against you. These thoughts must be fought in order to persevere. I’m not a preachy person and anyone who knows me would tell you that I’m not a religious man either. But I know that the positive and negative power of the brain cannot be denied. So don’t deny yourself.

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