by Matt B

About a year ago, I purchased myself a laptop. Our computer room is upstairs and I hated to have to run up there to look something up or get online for short periods of time. I had never really craved the portability and convenience of a laptop computer until we moved into a larger place with 2 floors. After moving here, I found myself constantly frustrated that we did not have a computer in or near the living room. So I bit the bullet, and bought a laptop.

Let me start by saying that I did not pay much for my laptop. As previously stated, I am CHEAP. Being cheap, I will do anything in my power to get a deal, but I will not sacrifice quality. I like the quality and customer service of Dell, and will continue to order from them as long as I feel this way about their product lineup. Under my “business” name, I ordered a laptop without flashy colors and added programs, and got all of the specs I wanted for about $150 cheaper than I would have without the “business”.

The reason I call it the smartest purchase I have ever made is because over the first few months here with us, it actually became an asset. I listed many, many dvd’s, books and a few other things around the house for sale on Amazon and easily made back the purchase price of the computer. After listing items online and making good on my new “investment”, I decided that owning a laptop can be a great way to actually make some money. Maybe not enough to quit your job altogether, but if you are like me, and sit for hours on end every day surfing the interwebs, you should be making it work for you. As I mentioned in a previous post titled HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY ONLINE? I outlined ways to make money that are fun like Cent Sports and Moola along with sites that are more like tedioius work, survey sites.

I am now even more serious about making money with my computer. I don’t expect to be an internet millionaire. I don’t even expect to become rich. I do expect to keep writing. I enjoy it. Hopefully you do too. There are great resources to create sites, generate traffic and earn ad revenue. All for free!! I also intend to expand this site to it’s own domain, with a layout I can design and be proud of. With a great deal of work, and help from others who have been successful, I hope to eventually make this project a financial success as well.

If you do not utilize the great power of the internet for personal gain, I feel sorry for you. There is so much great information and so many opportunities you can make for yourself that I can see no reason why anyone would not. Aside from sheer laziness. So, I ask again, is a computer an investment? I would emphatically argue yes.

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