by Matt B

Everyday we have goals to achieve. Most of us also have long-term goals. Your daily goals probably look like this:

  • Do the Laundry
  • Get Groceries
  • Call that guy about that thing
  • Etc.

    We do not usually call these goals. They are “tasks” or “chores”.
    Your long term goals may look like this:

  • Get a Raise
  • Find a New Career
  • Have Children
  • Buy a House
  • Save for Retirement

  • Whether you realize it or not, for most, our long term goals are often financially related. Every one of these long-term goals (Which are the most common) goes hand in hand with money.

    Get a raise: Of the above, getting a raise may be the shortest term for most. Everybody wants a raise. Period. I do not know anyone who wouldn’t like to earn more in their current position.
    Find a New Career: It is possible to find a new career without costing you money. Although, chances are that the reason you are changing careers is money related. If you are looking for a sizable bump in salary, specialized training or more schooling may be necessary, which will likely cost you money.
    Have Children: This one is the most costly of all goals. From the very day you discover conception, you are paying. I could write volumes about the cost of raising a child. Lucky for me, NuWireInvestor has done a fine job here.
    Buy A House: For nearly everyone who wishes to start a family, a house is a necessary purchase. Mom and Dad tend to want a nice, quiet neighborhood to settle in and raise their family.
    Save for Retirement: Although this financial quest should be started as early as possible, too many start saving too late in life to properly take care of themselves in retirement. They depend on the government or family to assist them financially when they are no longer able to take care of themselves.

    Whether you keep your goals deep in the recesses of your mind or in a notebook in your glove compartment, they should be revisited often. There is nothing more motivating than reviewing your progress. In my opinion, this is even more true with financial goals. The more you take stock of what you have, the better you will realize how to obtain what you want.

    On a completely unrelated note, Get Rich Slowly, Seeking Alpha, Yielding Wealth, (and probably many other sites) have posted these videos explaining the credit crisis and it’s causes. Since these sites have already commented on how well these videos explain the nuts and bolts cause of the economic slump we are currently in, I’ll spare you the commentary. I do recommend watching though, especially for those who do not have a great grasp of what started this recession.



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