by Matt B

My favorite articles from my favorite PF sites over the past week:

Ramit at I will teach you to be rich wrote Why “average is not normal”-and why most people get this wrong.
About why the commonly referenced 10% return on stock market investments is not the norm, and how some people anticipate or expect to average 10% and why they are wrong.

JLP at All Financial Matters wrote Is Cash4Gold.com misleading people?
Referencing the well-known website and highlighting an article about whether the site is a scam, or at the very least, not what is advertised.

Trent at The Simple Dollar wrote Twelve ways to use the “thirty day challenge” for great personal finance benefit.
Trent reviewed a book called The power of less a few weeks ago. This post is about putting the lessons is the book to good use and finding a new way to do so.

Susan at Lifehack wrote Change the way you see fear and change your life.
I LOVE this article. Read it and see what I mean. I shouldn’t have to explain it…the title says it all.

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