by Matt B

I’m a day late and a few million short, but none of you really care, right? Didn’t think so. Here is the best of the week from my favorite sites:

J.D. at Get Rich Slowly wrote How to Build Confidence and Destroy Fear.
The name says it all, doesn’t it? J.D. is my favorite online author and I visit his site daily. If you are trying to concentrate on personal development, this is a MUST READ! It is a bit lengthy, but is well worth it, as usual with his work.

Kit Cooper at Dumb Little Man wrote Emotional Intelligence: The Ultimate Productivity Tool.
I’m not very familiar with Kit’s work, but this article is the best at DLM this past week. I’m subconsciously choosing personal development articles this week. Weird, that is definitely not my specialty. Maybe I’m choosing them because I’m so poor at writing them.

Miranda at Yielding Wealth wrote Top 5 Tips for Your Retirement Account-For Those Just Starting Out.
I Love “reminder” pieces. Everyone has read about retirement accounts. Most people know that they should have one, but do not. Reminder articles like this are great to plant the idea seed in heads, and metaphorically “kick” the reader into action.

Trent at The Simple Dollar wrote The Giving Pocket.
No great information here, just an uplifting story. It is comforting to know that there are still people like Trent in the world.

Yep, that is all you get today. Look out tomorrow for a real post, with all the fixins!! It will probably come evening time, after I’m good and worn out from the busy weekend.

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