by Matt B

Well, here’s another pile of stinkin’ links for everyone to chew on. It took a little extra searching this week than usual. I guess that a lot of writers were bored or just uninspired this past week, but I give you the best of the best:

JD at Get Rich Slowly posted What Tax Season Taught me About Personal Finance. This is a guest post by Tara Young.
Tara Volunteers preparing taxes for lower income and elderly this time of year. This is a great article about what she has learned from the very people that she was there to help and teach.

Miranda at Yielding Wealth wrote Is Now the Time to Refinance?
I love Miranda’s work. She is a great writer and has been amazing to me the few times that I have asked her for help. This article, like many others of it’s kind, weighs the pros and cons of refinancing a mortgage. It is designed to show you what to look at when considering refinancing.

Alex at The Consumerist posted American Express Cancels your Card Right Before You Were Supposed to get Your $500 Rebate.
Exactly what it says. This post is a short quote and recap. The gems arrive with the numerous gripes about amex in the comments of the post.

Phillip at Wise Bread wrote The What if you Knew You Were Going to Die-Question.
Balance, Values and Goals are the main focuses of this article. What I really enjoy about it is how straight-forward it is. I was reading, fearing a long, drawn out philosophical think piece. Luckily, this is not the case here.

Patrick at Cash Money Life wrote No Stimulus Check This Year-Pay Yourself First Instead.
This article concentrates on how to use the VERY SMALL positive increase in your paychecks that you should notice mid-2009.

That is it for this week!!!
Check back tomorrow for an article about Dave Ramsey. It will be a good one.

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