by Matt B

My favorite articles from my favorite PF sites over the past week:

Miranda at Yielding Wealth wrote What if the Bailout Went to People Instead of Banks?
A great piece about how much the average household or taxpayer would get if all of the stimulus money went to the people who are paying for it. Extremely in depth and opinionated, it touches on savings and debt, and begs the question, why does the Government continue to encourage debt-fueled spending to “expand” our breaking economy?

Thursday at Lifehack wrote Cash Only: One Route Out of Debt.
Commentary on whether the cash only philosophy really works and how easy it is to pull off. Subsections are Managing savings, using checks, building credit, a credit based world, and the pros and cons of cash only.

Ali Hale at DumbLittleMan wrote 16 Easy Ways to Slash Unnecessary Spending (and Save $12,410)
Ali runs AlphaStudent. Illustrating many easy, cheap and smart ways to save everyday. The annual savings after every last dollar is counted is $12,410.

J.D. at GetRichSlowly wrote “What’s Next?” The Third Stage of Personal Finance.
At first glance, I thought that this article would not be for me. I didn’t think that it applied. After all, I’m nowhere near the third stage of personal finance, but since I frequent the site so much, I did end up reading it and this is an amazing article. Of all of the personal finance sites I frequent, GetRichSlowly is by far my favorite. It’s probably because I can identify with J.D. so easily.

Trent at TheSimpleDollar wrote 5 Things to do if you Have a Great Idea.
This is a go to article if you have ideas for new products, improving existing products, or an idea for something intangible such as a computer program. Here are the steps: (Check out the article for more in-depth instruction).
1.Making sure that the idea doesn’t already exist.
2.Fleshing out the idea to the best of your abilities.
3.Figuring out how to present your idea.
4.Share your idea.
5.This is a framework you can follow with any idea you have, large or small.


Anonymous February 13, 2009 at 4:19 pm

Sir, I am greatly impressed with the knowledge and depth of your articles! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Keep up the good work!

Heyagainlando February 14, 2009 at 12:24 am

Thank you anonymous….I appreciate it. You keep readin’ I’ll keep writin’

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