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I do not operate Financial Methods to promote other sites, but when I see something I like that has personal finance implications, of course I am going to write about it.

Like my endorsement of Glassdoor, Gazelle earns even higher praise from me.

The lowdown:

Gazelle sells and buys electronic devices of all types. Even more, if you have a piece of garbage that is non-functional and sitting around the house, they will gladly recycle it for you! They will also pay for the shipping to them! Ok, maybe it’s not all lollipops and massages. Some items that you want to part with may be worth less than you hoped for, or maybe nothing at all.

Sell your stuff:
The premise is simple. Gather your unused or unwanted electronic devices, and go to A simple search lets you know how much your devices are worth after you provide the condition of the item and any accessories you may or may not have. If you are not satisfied with the price, do not add it to your “box”. Gazelle frequently adds items to their purchasable inventory, so if they will not accept your items upon first attempt, give it some time and try again. They recently started buying DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs for a quite reasonable price. This leads me to believe that their incoming inventory is ever-expanding. If you keep decent care of your electronics, but have some older or unused items that you want to part with, Gazelle can be a great way to pick up a few extra bucks.

Gazelle makes it’s intentions very clear. After purchasing your items, one of two things will happen to them. 1) If they are still in good working condition, all personal information is removed and the items are resold. Reusing items is the first step of recycling. If they can be recycled in this manner, they will. 2) The items are recycled for parts. If the electronics are no longer usable, Gazelle recycles it. They will even recycle items they do not pay for! If they will not accept items for shipment, they assist in finding recycling centers close to home that will accept the item(s).

The wrap-up:
If you have some old or unused electronics that you are willing to part with, or do not want to sell through a different outlet, Gazelle is a reliable, fast, and responsible company that will do right by you. If you or anyone you know has used Gazelle, let us know how their experience was and if they would patronize the company in the future based on their results. Help the earth and your wallet simultaneously. Try Gazelle.

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