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by Matt B

Way way back in the 90’s when I was a junior in high school, I took a class called Business Math. It was not really a course in business math, but concentrated more on everyday math skills. I have not used anything but a tiny bit of algebra from all of the required math I took in high school, but have used a ton of what I learned in this elective class. Actual business math would have probably been a waste on the students accompanying me in this class. We were the idiots who were just trying to fill our schedules and heard that this class was a breeze (and it was), but what I took away from this class helped me realize how much planning and control it takes to carry-out a simple budget or save for large ticket items.

Specifically, I recall sections of the class like what percentage of income should be devoted to housing, transportation, power, phone etc. Another section about purchasing a home, and one more on starting a business. These are all subjects that should be addressed and taught in school, but are largely ignored. I’m not sure whether this course is still offered in the same capacity it was way back when I was in school, but if it is, I will make my children take it (or beat them raw until they do).

Many of the subjects covered in business math are easily researched on the internet nowadays. One of the best ways to supplement this research and see results specific to yourself is using online calculators.

Online Calculators can be found for almost any subject. Mortgage payoffs, loans, net worth, insurance. These tools are a great way to get your bearings and a starting point for planning on many subjects. If these calculators were available when I was in school, it probably would have been much easier to explain and illustrate some of the concepts that were brought forth.

In my searches for the most in depth and unique calculators, I have found some that I would never even think to exist! Although they just make sense, whoever thought up these calculators is cool in my book. So without further adieu, here is a collection of personal finance calculators that I have found.

Check out these pages and pages of calculators:

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