Weekly Links 4/11/9

by Matt B

I promised myself that I would be productive at home today, and so far, so good. I have gotten all of my laundry done, finished re-caulking the tub, done the dishes, and watched A Very Brady Sequel. Do not ask me why I did the last one. I have also put together this nice little list of links of personal finance articles from the last week to hold you over until my next post.

I am pretty sure that all of these sites have made my links list before, so they should need no introduction or explanation.

My Two Dollars1019 ways to save money

Get Rich SlowlyThe subtle power of product packaging

Wise BreadConfessions of a minimalist: 9 Reasons I miss my stuff

All Financial Matters10 Financial Commandments for your 30’s

The Simple DollarThe little things that make you happy

Blunt MoneyFive-Minute personal finance tasks

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