Weekly Links 4/3/9

by Matt B

I’m going to stray away from the usual sources this week and focus more on the obscure blogs and sites that I visit. None of these sites get the respect and attention that they deserve, so this is my way of thanking them all for great content.

Inheriting Generations of Frugal Living
Generations of healthy saving really add up. Over a time line spanning a few generations, even a hundred dollars could add up to tens of thousands. This article may make you want to start saving, if not for you, then your children.

Blunt MoneyWhat if your Spouse isn’t on the Same Page Financially?
This one really hits close to home to me. Compromise, understanding and talking about money issues are important for couples.

Engineer a Debt Free LifeBargains, deals and steals at Goodwill Too!
I had no idea there was an online goodwill store! Awesome.

Financial NutNetworth IQ: A Fun & Easy Way to Track Your Net Worth
Although I think that unless you are financially independent, your net worth is useless, sometimes it may just be fun. This tool is easy to operate, and worth checking out.

My Financial JourneySwitching my High-Yield Savings to SmartyPig
I too have been angered by the rapid decline of the savings rate at ING Direct, but I have yet to take my business elsewhere. My Financial Journey did.

Holey Moley, after a couple of hours browsing Personal Finance sites, I have found a bunch of garbage, a ton of sites that are no longer updated, and some that I do not visit nearly enough. I’m spent.
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