Weekly Links: 5/30/9

by Matt B

This is Duffy, the amazing HorseDog.

This is Duffy, the amazing HorseDog.

I have to work today, BOO!!!  I have a huge weekend ahead of me though.  I’m going to sit around, write and read a few books that I am behind on.  Exciting, eh?  Until Monday morning, here are my favorite blog posts from this week, enjoy!

Dumb Little Man10 Ways to Make Yourself (and Everyone Around You) Miserable

Christian PF5 First Grade Money Lessons That Many Adults Have Forgotten

WiseBreadThings You Might Not Know About Your Local Thrift Store

Mrs. Micah5 Reasons to Use Your Credit Card Instead of your Debit Card

I have never steered you toward Mrs. Micah before, but I have no idea why.  This is a great site with tons of content to peruse.  Put aside a few hours and browse your afternoon away here.

Suburban DollarSave Money and Time: Price Match

Frugal DadHow to Say “NO” When your Child Wants Something

I also need to extend a thanks to Kyle at Suburban Dollar for hosting the Festival of Frugality on Tuesday which included my article on Buying Refurbished.  If you did not check it out through my Carnivals link, go do so.  There are A TON of great articles featured there by many talented and entertaining writers.

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