Weekly Links: 6/27/9

by Matt B

R.I.P. Michael

R.I.P. Michael

As usual on Saturday, I bequeath to you the best of the week.  Enjoy!

No Debt Plan- Frugal Lawn Care: Using and Electric Mower

Budgets Are Sexy- Live Like You’re Broke

Punch Debt in the Face- Sizing people up

Suburban Dollar- Cash for Clunkers Explained

In addition to these great articles from the past week, Pinyo from Moolanomy has asked that I highlight Moolanomy Answers.  Answers is the newest section at Moolanomy that allows users to ask questions related to personal finance.  I guess it is similar to Yahoo! answers, but with much better and more reliable answers.  Check it out, and do not be afraid to ask away!answers

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