11 Relatively Unconventional Ways to Make Extra Cash

by Matt B

Hand DollarFinding ways to make some more cash is not that hard. Do not count on getting rich, but here are some ways to get yourself some spending money for the activities and the items you so love to buy.

  • Sell Yourself

When I say “sell yourself”, I am not speaking of your eternal soul. I do actually mean sell yourself though. Plasma donation can net some cash, and your body makes plenty, so it is not like giving up a kidney. Usually, plasma donation is a pretty simple process. It is similar to an extended blood donation. It will take up to two hours, but you will be compensated rather nicely for your time and donation. Another part of yourself that you can sell are your precious baby-makers. Sperm and eggs can get you some extra money, but may also bring up some moral issues that are not worth the donation, so weigh this option heavily before making your final decision.

  • Panhandle

Some may say that begging is the easiest way to make some money. While this may be partially true, do not knock it til’ you have tried it yourself. Have you ever been stranded somewhere and tried just to get a few dollars to get gas or take a bus somewhere? Convincing people that you are worthy of their cash is no easy task. Those who are good at it though, can do very well.

I was enjoying a road trip with some friends in Toronto about 10 years ago, and while walking through a park, we ran into a woman that we assumed to be homeless. She asked us for some money and engaged in brief and somewhat mundane conversation. She seemed to be healthy, intelligent and completely capable of obtaining a job…which in my experience is abnormal for beggars. When one of us asked her why she was homeless, she explained that she was not-a foolish assumption on our part. She actually owned her home without a mortgage, and did quite well financially. We then asked why her income is from panhandling. Turns out that she actually makes more by asking for money than in any previous employment she had ever had. Pretty impressive if you ask me. What astounded me even further is that she holds both a bachelor’s and masters degree, but was smart enough to live a happy and prosperous life just by asking strangers like me for money.

  • Bar Bets

Are you a decent pool player? Pretty good at predicting sports outcomes? A few bets at your local watering hole can make you a few bucks. Then again, it might just make the game a little more interesting and put you in a worse position. For fun, betting is a good idea…for making money or getting rich, it is stupid. If you are looking for a little gain, take your friends for a few bucks. If you want to get rich, look elsewhere.

  • Sweepstakes/Contest Winnings

I once met a girl at the bank who makes pretty good money by selling items that she has won through contests or sweepstakes. Her methods intrigued me, so I asked for specifics. Turns out, it is pretty simple if you have time and effort to put into it. She told me that she spends about 2 hours every day scouring the internet for contests or sweepstakes that she is eligible for. She signs up for every last one she can find, and later resells the winnings for pure profit. When I asked how often she actually wins something, the answer surprised me. She explained that it was not unusual for her to win 3 or 4 big ticket electronics items per Month! Color me impressed!

  • Odd Jobs

While not that unconventional, it is a good way to pick up some extra cash. People always need their lawns mowed, gutters cleaned, dog walked or any number of odd jobs that they lack the time or energy to do themselves. If you can let people know you are available to do these tasks, they will without doubt take you up on the offer. If you have more specialized skills-carpentry or web design for example, your “odd jobs” can add up nicely.

  • Surveys

Online surveys are offered around every corner. Many of these companies are scams, so I recommend surveys only to the internet savvy person who can avoid getting spammed, getting a virus or suffering identity theft. If you are crafty enough to weed out the “bad” survey companies from the good ones, you are bound to earn some money. I went through a little survey phase a while back, when all was said and done, I finished with around $350. After a while, I decided that it was not worth the time I was spending on it and pretty much gave up. It will take some time at $.50-$4.00 per survey, but money can be made here. Just do not count on making enough to live on.

  • Garage/Yard Sale Flipping

Garage, yard and even estate sales are a great way to get any number of things on the CHEAP. If you have a good eye, and a pretty decent idea of what things will sell for on sites like Ebay or Amazon, flipping items from these sales can make a nice profit. Try not to over buy, and stay with what you know and you will be successful.

  • Horde Metal

Prices of most metals keep increasing, which means that companies are willing to pay for metals that can be recycled and reused. Aluminum, Copper, Steel and Iron in large quantities can make some good money if taken to the right places. It seems as if more recycling centers open up every day, and many of these centers are willing to pay handsomely for metals and other recyclable materials.

  • Play Gamesmoola

Believe it or not, you can actually play games online for money! If you are looking to kill some time, and would rather do it playing games than watching TV or sleeping, check out Moola or Pogo. Moola is a free site where you can watch short advertisements, get a penny for watching, and play games against others for their money. It is fun and can get you some cash. When you are ready to cash out, you can get the funds sent by paypal or have a check mailed to you. Pogo is a site with a TON of games to choose from. While earnings are not as easy as with Moola, games are played for tokens. When you feel that you have enough tokens to win, enter for their jackpot drawing which is always increasing.

  • Become a Guinea Pig

If you are willing to endure some possible side effects, you may qualify for clinical trials. Many trials are worth hundreds of dollars, and require minimal time and effort. It helps to know some people in the medical field to get you into the best studies, but you can look around and find what study may be right for you. Some require pre-existing conditions, so even if you have a disease or ailment, it could get you paid.

  • Bottle and Can Refunds

If you are from a state that mandates bottle and can refunds, start collecting. Major events such as football games, car races or carnivals may afford the opportunity for a big payday for those willing to collect the leftovers of the crowd. At 5 cents a piece (10 cents in Michigan), bottles and cans add up quick. One tray (24 cans) is worth $1.20. Get enough of these, and you can take a day or two off work to enjoy the spa!

While some of these money making methods are more obvious than others, and a few are just a little too weird for most, they work. None of them will provide a means for retirement, but they are all valid and unique ways to get some extra cash. If you are looking for a little bit extra on nights or weekends, try any of these and see how successful you can make it for yourself.

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Stephanie July 27, 2009 at 1:19 pm

I like the “play games” part, I have never heard of Moola before, I’m definately going to try it. thank you!

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OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

Funny about Money August 4, 2009 at 6:26 pm

Fun list!

I’ve always wondered how much panhandlers earn. One guy used to stand on the corner of a busy intersection with a sign saying he needed $19 to pay the rent. Amazingly, if you sat and watched for a few minutes you’d see people handing him cash out their car windows.

Yesterday near the campus I ran into an attractive, clean-looking young woman who asked for a quarter to ride the bus, saying she was stranded. I don’t carry cash with me so couldn’t accommodate her…she looked pretty convincingly like a young college student, though, and if I’d had some change I might’ve given it to her. Probably before it occurred to me that the cost of a bus ticket around here is $2.50, so a a quarter wouldn’t have taken her far.

GMJEDI July 23, 2012 at 10:13 am

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veronique August 30, 2012 at 2:32 pm

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Char October 11, 2012 at 6:47 pm

Great tips for making money online. We all deserve financial freedom.

Neila January 10, 2013 at 2:49 pm

We like Swagbucks at our house. You earn “bucks” that you can use to purchase different items. I usually get the $5 Amazon gift card. You earn “bucks” for doing things you do anyways on the net: searching, daily poll, online offers, coupons, shopping, etc. Last year was my first year and I made $85 just doing searches and this year, I’ve already earned $10! What a great way to make free money!

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