Finding Deals at the Consignment Shop

by Matt B

furnitureAs we went out to eat at one of our favorite local eateries, an amazing stir fry place called One, my lady friend spotted a new store.  We decided to stop in to see what it was all about.

It ended up being a consignment furniture store, and man, was it ever full of goodies.  I saw Dressers, Armoires, Head and Foot boards, Tables, Chairs and more!  Although we are not currently in need of any furniture, we will definitely be hitting up this store again, and here’s why:

  • Prices
  • I was amazed at the price of every piece of furniture in the store.  I do not recall seeing any one item that was over $200.  Deals like these are few and far between, but there was so much to choose from all in the same place.  It would be very easy to furnish an entire room for only a few hundred dollars.  The prices here are what you would expect to be paid by the store for these items if you sold to them, not what the marked for sale prices are.

  • Inventory
  • After a short conversation with “Pops”, the owner of the store, we learned that they have only been open a few weeks and that he has new items coming in every day.  We may have to visit frequently, because I know that there will be some deals here that are too hard to pass up.  Many of these items are worth far more than their sticker prices.  My pickup truck and some extra space in the house could end up turning a little profit if I were to decide to resell some of this furniture.

  • Condition
  • Nearly everything in the store is in immaculate condition.  Sure, there is a little bit of wear and tear on some pieces…after all, it is used furniture and should be expected.  It is very apparent that whoever is in charge of purchasing items is extremely selective.  I did not see one item that was not worthy of purchase due to scratches, dents or any other cosmetic issues.

  • Closeouts
  • The only pieces that had any visibly noticeable damage (which really was not much, even compared to some of the furniture in my own house) was tucked tightly in a very small room in the back of the store labeled “Closeouts”.  This cramped, tiny room contained about 20 more pieces of furniture. All of these were either hideous and dated or just a little too scratched to make it to the showroom area.  Surely, this “unwanted” furniture is priced to sell.  A metal Headboard for a full or queen bed stood out at me.  Not because I liked it, but because it was only $10.  Seriously, the metal that the headboard is made of may be worth more than that!

  • What is the point?
  • I fully realize that you do not much care about some local store in a City that you will probably never visit.  The aim of this post is not to get you to come to tiny Tallahassee, FL and garner business for this store.  It is to open your eyes to similar bargain laden shops in your area.  There no doubt, exists a similar shop for specialty items that would accept your old items, or provide a place for you to purchase such things, perhaps at great discounts.

  • What exactly is a consignment shop?
  • When you think consignment, you probably think of clothing.  There are thousands of clothing consignment stores across the country.  These stores are usually a good place to find inexpensive clothing, or unload some of your old clothes for some cash.  While clothing may be what first comes to mind, these shops are not just for attire.  Technically speaking, even pawn shops are consignment shops.  They pay patrons to purchase unwanted goods with intent to resell the items at a profit.  \What makes a consignment shop is the way it’s patrons are paid for selling their goods.  While many stores are called consignment shops, a true consignment shop shares a portion of the profit with the seller when the item is sold.  This practice is becoming less popular, and most of these businesses buy products outright as opposed to sharing a percentage of the sale price…it is just easier for both parties this way.

    Do you know of any stores near you that offer great, previously owned products for extremely reasonable prices?  If so, when was the last time you took advantage of their deals?

    Photo Credit: bhamsandwich through Flickr

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