Ideas for Earning Money During Summer Vacation-A Guest Post by Katherine Vercillo

by Matt B

Hawaii GetawayThere is still time to take a summer vacation this year but what if you’re worried about the cost of the trip? If you can offset the cost of the trip by earning money from your travels then you can enjoy a great vacation without having to stress out about the cost of it. There are things that you can do during a trip that allow you to earn money upon your return. Alternatively, you can choose to do some work during the trip to make money while you’re traveling.

Activities To Earn Money When You Return Home

There are quite a few things that you can do on a vacation which can help you earn money when you get back home. Some of these things require more planning than others but they include:

  • Learn a skill to improve your resume. Use your vacation as a chance to learn a new skill such as a foreign language or a new computer program. Whether you do this in a class or on your own, it can help improve your job marketability when you return. You may be able to get a new job or boost your income in an existing position.
  • Write about your travels. It is possible to make money off of travel writing no matter what your destination is. Monetized blogs, articles for travel magazines and even books about your vacations can all be money-makers. Keep a journal during your summer vacation to start on your path towards  living this dream.
  • Photograph your travels. If you’re more of a visual person then you might want to take a lot of pictures during your summer vacation. These pictures can be sold through microstock photography sites. They can also be turned into postcards and other merchandise and sold online.
  • Purchase souvenirs and antiques to sell. One of the things that is really fun about travel is that you often stumble across local souvenirs, antiques and homemade crafts that don’t exist in your own town. If you have any money to invest then you can selectively purchase these items for resale. Mark up the prices and sell them online or through a consignment store in your area.

Activities to Earn Money During your Trip

It’s great to make money off of a trip after the fact but what if you actually just don’t have the money to go on a trip right now? Being able to earn money during your summer vacation allows you to go on a trip even if you don’t have
funds. Some ideas for earning money during a summer vacation include:

  • Check for jobs with friends and family members. The cheapest vacation is the one in which you visit  out-of-town relatives. See if any of them can give you a temporary job during the summer to earn money (or at least earn your keep) while you’re there.
  • Pick up odd jobs. Work is hard to come by these days but there are odd jobs to be found here and there. Check local classifieds for short-term jobs like helping people move, painting homes or petsitting. If you’re flexible about what you’re willing to do then you should be able to find some work.
  • Teach a class. It may be hard to find a job in another city or country right now. However, it’s often easy to find a place where you can hold a class. Ask yourself what you know well enough to teach it. Find venues in your destination to hold a class. For example, if you can teach a class on writing then ask local bookstores and schools to host the event. They’ll help promote it and you can earn money while you see a new place. If nothing else,  maybe you can teach people about the placewhere you’re from!

It may feel like you can’t afford a summer vacation but that isn’t necessarily true. Find a way to earn money during or after the trip. Doing so lets you enjoy the refreshing experience of getting away from home without creating a financial strain that you’ll regret.

Guest post by Kathryn Vercillo. Kathryn is a writer for which gives away online codes and also publishes a save money blog.

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Lorraine Swanson July 18, 2009 at 12:59 pm

Great post! I have to admit that my husband often gets frustrated when I stop to take photographs, but I try to compose quite a few photos specifically to sell as microstock when I get home. We are going on a short trip in a few days so I (sneakily?) thought it was a good time to point out that my Niagara photos have sold enough times now to recover a large part of our expenses there last summer.

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