Weekly Links: 8/29/9 With Reduced Random Knowledge

by Matt B

Red SoxAfter the left-handed polar bear debacle last week, I have decided that some of my fact sources are not that reliable and have decided to stick to things I know for certain. That means the random knowledge section of the weekly links will now be reduced to one or two facts. I do not like being wrong. Onto the best of the week! As usual, in no particular order….

  1. MoneyEnergy-The Amount of M1, M2, M3 and the Measures of the U.S. Money Supply
  2. The Simple Dollar-Eleven things you Can do Today to Fall Behind Financially
  3. Mighty Bargain Hunter-What do you do When Someone Has Priced an Item Way too Low
  4. Moolanomy-Dave Ramsey’s How to Drive Free and Retire Rich
  5. My Life ROI-Cash for Clunkers Results are in
  6. Wise Bread-101 Tips From Top 50 Small Business Bloggers (Such a great post for free should be illegal!)
  7. Fiscal Geek-How to Run your Personal Finances like a Fortune 500 Company
  8. Weakonomics-How much is your Time Really Worth?
  9. Five Cent Nickel-401k Limits to Decrease in 2010?
  10. Len Penzo-How Much Would You Pay to Save Your Pet’s Life

No Carnival Participation this week 🙁

Which leaves…….

Random Knowledge

I’ve only got one this week….did you know….

Bill Buckner is infamous for the “ball between the legs” incident during game six of the 1986 World Series, but did you know that Mr. Buckner was also playing left field for the Dodgers in 1974 and tried to climb the fence as Hank Aaron’s 715th home run flew over the wall, breaking Babe Ruth’s record? I bet you didn’t!

Photo: Phil Romans

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MLR September 2, 2009 at 11:25 am

Thanks for the include! 🙂

I love random facts… keep ’em coming.

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