Weekly Links: 9/26/9 With Random Knowledge

by Matt B

100_0683Work just about kicked my ass this week, with a couple of days that wore me out worse than a 5k. It seems as if I had plenty to choose from this week, as my reader was chock full of great posts from many different sites. Here is the shortened version of my favorites of the week.

Again, my laziness and propensity to forget leaves Financial Methods without a carnival participation. Well, on the bright side, I will have plenty to choose from when I do actually get around to submitting to carnivals again.

Random Knowledge

  • The last time Olympic gold medals were made entirely of gold was 1912.
  • Have some sex. Studies have shown that having sex at least once per week can reduce a Man’s risk of Heart Disease by 30%, Diabetes by 40%, and Stroke by 50%. If you ask me, if you get enough sex, it should reduce the risk of stroke by 100%….get it?
  • Strawberries have more vitamin C than Oranges.
  • In the logo for Paramount Pictures, there are 22 stars. I hope you never forget this one, because I can not think of a single use for this piece of knowledge. It is not even interesting!
  • The only US State with one syllable in it’s name is Maine.

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