Why Would You Spend That?

by Matt B

Half DollarI occasionally get to shake my head in disbelief at the stupid things that people do. I have talked about this before. It seems to happen all too frequently. But it is fine by me…especially when it works to my benefit.

Last week, I got yet another present. One of my co-workers kindly pointed out that some fool had spent some seated liberty half dollars. At of all places, these coins were relinquished at a Gas Station. I do not know how desperately you could possibly need gas, Sprite, a snack, or whatever else you might pick up at the gas station. I also can not fathom someone not realizing the worth of these coins. I mean, all you would have to do is look at them to see that they are from the mid-late 1800’s…wouldn’t that be enough to dissuade you from giving them to the clerk? Well, it would me.

All in all, I (once again) shared the bounty with my co-workers, cause I’m nice like that. But I did come away with four beautiful (but circulated) seated liberty half dollar coins. I estimate their value at about $40. I’ll drop two bucks anytime for a return of forty. I’m sure you would do the same.

So this begs the question, Why Would You Spend That?

If you bypass the gas station and stop off at a coin shop or antique dealer, they will gladly take any rare coins off your hands at far more than face value. Is it ignorance, desperation, stupidity or something else?

I realize that not everyone is a connoisseur of rare or collectible items, but finds like this just make me want to find the person who spent them and slap them in the face!

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