13 Places to Sell Your Stuff

by Matt B

What a mess!Forget about spring cleaning! Here in the South, it just begins to cool down mid-late October. This means it’s time to gut the house and prepare for the holiday gatherings. Clean, de-clutter and make some cash in the process.

As long as you are willing to give up some of the items that you step on and forget that you own every day, you may as well get some benefit from it. It does not take much work to make some extra cash, and it’s a hell of a lot better than just giving it all away. Here are some great websites that can help your house lose some weight while helping your wallet do the opposite.

Keep in mind that this list is not the most comprehensive I have ever seen. I decided to use sites that I have used to sell with or purchase from, or that I have received positive feedback about. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments area.


It may have started primarily as a bookstore, but it is obviously much more than that nowadays. You can purchase just about anything from amazon, both new and used. From amazon directly, or through their seller marketplace which is very easy to use. You can set up a storefront and watch the cash roll in.


Since it’s inception, Craigslist has made itself virtually a household name…and with no real marketing to speak of but word of mouth, this is quite an amazing feat. Sell your items here if you’re looking for someone locally who can pick it up, or if you have the means to deliver. Great for large items!


If you don’t know about ebay by now, just stop using the internet.


Half is owned by ebay, and makes it easy for users to introduce products and choose their own prices.


Just like your local newspaper, sell.com is an integrated classified site. You list your items, contact info, price and wait for the responses. You can negotiate right on the site itself, and all the stuff you want kept private will be. Listings are pretty inexpensive and nobody (aside from maybe my own Mother and Father) would have trouble navigating the site and listing (or buying) items.


Kijiji (don’t even ask me to pronounce it) is much like sell.com. It allows users to list items in a classified format, but this site includes Real Estate, Apartments, pets, jobs, and a whole bunch more. I had never heard of this site before writing this, but I will definitely be back.


Yet another online marketplace that utilizes a “classified section” format. Selling locally is the focus here, so if you have large items, this may be the site for you.


Do you love to craft? Have your own trinkets and designs to sell? Etsy is a great place for original works. Jewelry, clothing, toys, furniture. You name it, you can probably sell it at etsy.


May be more social network than a viable option for selling your stuff. But hey, if you can’t find a place to peddle your wares, these people will be able to help for sure!


This is one of my favorite ideas for a website ever. It has been around for years, and as far as I can tell, still thriving. Cafe press allows users to create shirts, books, cd’s and a ton of other merchandise with Original Artwork. You can browse through others’ work and have it printed on a coffee mug, or you can create your own designs for others to check out. More than anything in the world, this site makes me wish I had an ounce of talent for drawing or graphic design. I guess I will have to get by on the gifts I actually do have.


Like cafe press, Zazzle allows users to sell their own creations. T-shirts, images, designs, posters…you name it. Create an entire store showcasing your work if you are so inclined.

In addition to those sites where you can sell just about anything, there are plenty of sites to sell only clothing and wearable accessories.


Clothes, clothes, clothes! That is a weird word if you have to type it three times in a row. Clothes Agency makes selling your clothes simple


Karma swap specializes in “retro” clothing and accessories. It looks like it is geared more toward those who have a large inventory of products or are looking to start their own brand, so it that’s you…check it out.

Be Choosy:

If you are just looking to de-clutter and get rid of some unused or useless items, get rid of it all using the same site (if you can). But if your items have (or potentially have) collector’s value, find a specialty shop to use to sell them. You will probably get a much higher amount if you are selling to someone who is looking specifically for your collectible or rare item(s). There are countless collectors’ shops online…way too many to list, but it should not be hard to find one that caters to people just like yourself who are looking to unload these sought after items.

Of course, there are plenty that I have missed. I have also excluded “online malls” that some like and some do not. Personally, when navigating online malls, I tend to get confused and/or led to outside sites. This phenomenon is a complete turn-off to me. I would much rather do all of my business (buying or selling) in the same place. It is just easier that way, don’t you agree?

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