Weekly Links: 11/7/9 With Random Knowledge

by Matt B

Dreamcast, RIPFirst off, if anyone ever has any problems viewing the site, please let me know. I have been having issues for months now, and have struggled and struggled for a solution, and have hopefully solved the issue. But I still need to know for sure.

I have been enjoying my “staycation” this week, and it has been relatively productive and greatly relaxing. I’m sure as the holidays approach, my stress and annoyance levels will be tested as they are every year…so this was a much needed “rest”.

Posts of the Week:

Random Knowledge:

  • Drinking beer and liquor while working was considered a right and a privilege by the working men of the 1700’s.
  • On Sesame Street in France, Bert and Ernie are known as Bart and Ernest.
  • In 1999, Popular Science recognized the Sega Dreamcast system as one of the most important and innovative products of the year. (I do miss that system)!
  • Mount Everest grows about 4 millimeters every year.
  • Epistemophobia is the fear of knowledge. If you have this, do not read random knowledge.

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I would have loved to live and work during the 1700’s where drinking while working was a right and a privilege. LOL!

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